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Exordior sells IPv6 products  to ISPs, governments, enterprises and national research networks who are deploying IPv6 today.  Exordior  provides a total solution to organizations wanting to introduce IPv6 services or products. gogoWARE (gogoSERVER, gogoCPE and gogoCLIENT) provides interoperability and compatibility between IPv4 and IPv6 networks, services, applications and devices enabling the incremental deployment of IPv6 over today’s networks.

The product line consists of:



gogoSERVER is an IPv6 transition appliance that provides interoperability between v4 and v6 networks, services, applications and devices, enabling the incremental deployment of IPv6. Telcos, cable operators, governments, research and education and enterprises use the gogoSERVER with the gogoCLIENT and/or gogoCPE to migrate their networks to IPv6. gogoSERVER powers the Freenet6 services offered on this website. gogoSERVER provides carrier grade functionality including high capacity throughput, redundancy, high reliability, scalability and in-service upgradeability.

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gogoCLIENT is a ubiquitous IP client, which offers full IP connectivity regardless of the underlying protocol. It has a small footprint and can easily be integrated in devices to provide full compatibility with IPv6 or to provide IPv6 or IPv4 connectivity. The gogoCLIENT provides support for multiple tunneling modes as well as translation to ensure best possible connectivity. gogoCLIENT is available as an easy to use install for most operating systems as well a software package for different hardware client devices.

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gogoCPE is an IPv6 adapter that provides an easy way of deploying v6 in the home without requiring any changes to the home network. Includes a money back guarantee.

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gogo6's professional services enable you to incrementally deploy IPv6 today. You can choose either general, vendor-independent services, that help you transition your network or products to IPv6 or you can choose product specific services that help you get the most out of your gogo6 products. Let us help you by applying the hands-on experience we've gained from working on deployments all around the world.

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