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gogo CPE


gogoCPE™ is an IPv6 adapter that provides an easy way of deploying v6 in the home without requiring any changes to the home network. Watch these videos and more to see how it works:

Deploying IPv6 in the Home

The biggest expense when deploying IPv6 is not in the core or access networks, it is in home network. Swapping the CPE (customer premise device) for one that enables IPv6 is usually required. Even if the home user is given a new CPE often they will not install it because of the perceived difficulty in set-up. gogoCPE changes the economics of IPv6 deployment. To make IPv6 instantly available in the home the user simply plugs the gogoCPE in the network and within 60 seconds all devices connected to the LAN have IPv6 connectivity. No fuss, no support costs. gogoCPE provisions IPv6 by transparently connecting to the designated gogoSERVER or other transition server in the network operator’s network.


Technologies Supported

gogoCPE is a hardware version of the gogoCLIENT in use by over 150,000 users today and part of the gogoWARE product line - the industry’s only end-to-end deployment solution. gogoCPE supports four transition mechanisms:



1. TSP – IPv6 connectivity over an IPv4 infrastructure.

2. 6RD – peer to peer IPv6 connectivity from a public IPv4 address.

3. DS-lite – IPv4 connectivity over an IPv6 infrastructure with shared IPv4 addresses.

4. DSTM – IPv4 connectivity over an IPv6 infrastructure.