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gogo Consulting

gogoCONSULTING Overview

gogo6 offers two types of consulting:

IPv6 Consulting: provides independent IPv6 consulting to professional service organizations and to end users such as Network Operators and Manufacturers.

gogo6 Consulting: provides product related consulting and training.

IPv6 Consulting

The IPv6 consulting practice is staffed by experts who have real world experience in deploying IPv6.  We offer consulting services directly to Operators and offer our PSSP program to professional service organizations wanting to ramp up their IPv6 practice.


Our IPv6 consultants have the credentials to tackle any IPv6 project you may have. Examples of past projects include:

  • Assessment of IPv6 network readiness
  • Analysis of enterprise requirements
  • Development of an IPv6 Deployment report and implementation plan
  • How to obtain and maintain your IPv6 address space
  • Delegation of addresses plan
  • Security considerations and recommendations
  • Hardware and software recommendations
  • Development of network architecture
  • Possible application deployment
  • Timeline and action plan
  • Presentation of IPv6 Deployment report and implementation plan
  • Scheduling of regular teleconferences and meetings with customers on progress

For more information please contact us at:

gogo6 Consulting

Network administrators - get the expertise you need to take full advantage of your IPv6 solutions from gogo6.  Become a certified expert or work with one of our service professionals on your IPv6 project.


Become a gogo6 certified expert in the features and capabilities of gogoSERVERTM.  The two day training course will cover:

1. IPv6 Transition Strategies
2. gogoSERVER for:

  • Deploying IPv6 over IPv4
  • Deploying IPv4 over IPv6
  • Deploying native IPv6
  • Deploying IPv6 based services

3. Address Planning
4. Tutorials
5. ICMPv6
6. Neighbor discovery and autoconfiguration
7.IPv6 DNS
8.DNS configuration tutorial
9. AAA and Radius
10. Radius configuration tutorial
11. Distributed servers
12. Conclusion/Q&A

A certificate will be granted upon successful completion of the course.  The gogoSERVER certification course can be held on site or at our facilities in downtown Montreal.  For more information please contact us at:


Using Hexago products in combination with the strategy of incremental deployment and inter-operability during a long co-existence period with IPv4 network infrastructure is a "best practice" for the deployment of IPv6. With gogoSERVER you can selectively deploy the IPv6 applications that suit your networking requirements. The team at gogo6 can show you how to develop strategies, design deployment scenarios, provide technology solutions and execute these strategies. The gogo6 team provides access to expert resources and competencies that can help you in the analysis, design, planning and deployment of the IPv6 platform using your IPv4 network infrastructure today.