Specialized Solutions

Specialized Solutions - EPC and 5G Core

Only a vendor with 10 years of experience in 4G can deliver a reliable future-proof solution supporting and transitioning to 5G. Our full solution is completely developed in-house with no 3rd party code stacks which cause inefficiencies and instability.

We provide the complete virtual Enhanced Packet Core (EPC) and virtual 5G Core. It includes the Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving/PDN Gateways (SGW/ PGW), Policy & Charging Rules Function (PCRF), Home Subscriber Server (HSS), Home Location Register (HLR), Voice-over-LTE (IMS for VoLTE), LTE Broadcast (eMBMS), Charging Gateway (CGW), APIs and a Network Management System. It supports User and Control Plane separation, NB-IoT and MC-PTT. Our solution also supports both 5G NSA and 5G SA – 5G Core including Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF), Session Management Function (SMF), Authentication Server Function (AUSF), User Plane Function (UPF).

It is the industry’s most efficient and flexible mobile core solution that can be deployed in fully virtualised environments, in the Cloud or on standard off-the-shelf servers.

4G/5G Core & IMS
Virtual EPC/PC, 5G Core, IMS/VoLTE. New revenues and massive capex and opex savings for greenfield deployments and network upgrades.

Mobile Edge Offload
Video and traffic offload at the network edge for improved user experience and reduced backhaul strain

LTE Broadcast solution that can rapidly create efficient LTE broadcast islands

Agile deployment of Narrowband IoT networks for low bit-rate IoT and Cat-M devices for higher bit-rate IoT.